Vibration Monitoring System

Intelligent Monitoring to Reduce Manufacturing Downtime

A transformative solution that sets new standards in predictive maintenance for manufacturing environments. Powered by Industrial IoT Multi-Sensors and enriched with Machine Learning models equivalent to years of seasoned motor repair expertise, our system is your answer to overcoming unexpected breakdown challenges.

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges

Humidity Monitoring
Lower Power Consumption
Failure Monitoring
Support Wide Temperature
Temperature Monitoring
Support Wide Temperature
Vibration Analysis

Using Advanced AI to Predict Future Motor Failures


A condition of a rotating mass is not distributed evenly leading to excessive vibration along with mechanical problems .

Motor Failures Image

Motor Misalignment

When the motor's shaft is improperly positioned relative to the driven equipment, leading to increased vibrations and potential mechanical issues.

Motor Misalignment Image


These losses occur in various components, including the stator, rotor, and bearings, and can result in reduced motor efficiency and higher operating costs for industrial processes.

Looseness Image

Failing Bearing

Bearing have serval components that can fail and effect the frequency, such as outer and inner rings, balls, and cage.

Failure Bearings Image

Key Features

Continuous Monitoring

Our system provides continuous monitoring of vibration levels in real-time, ensuring that potential issues are detected promptly and addressed effectively.

Versatile Deployment Options

Our system offers a variety of deployment options, allowing you to customize its installation to best suit your specific needs and requirements.

Expert Level Analysis

Our system employs advanced algorithms and analysis techniques to provide expert-level insights into vibration data, helping you make informed decisions and take proactive measures.

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