Falconeye platform is the main site for managing and monitoring all types of camera-related data using artificial Intelligence techniques. The platform increases the efficiency and productivity of facilities and facilitates monitoring and development processes, in addition to providing solutions. Among the most prominent things it does is recognize license plates, face recognition, track people and things, and more.



An intelligent monitoring system that uses artificial intelligence technologies to monitor the safety of production and manufacturing processes through the use of a sensor that predicts unexpected problems and malfunctions.


AI customized inferencing card with 12 TPUs designed in Saudi Arabia for delivering high performance use for neural network workload at production phase. Also, it supports TensorFlow Lite machine learning framework, easy Plug and Play installation, no drivers needed, compliant with any motherboard and compliant with PCIe Specification 2.0 backward compatible to 3.0 x 16 expansion slot.

People Tracking Image


Mudrek is an exemplary accomplishment in Arabic automated speech recognition (ASR). Developed through extensive training on a diverse dataset, including voices from Saudi, Gulf, and other Arabic regions, this model excels in deciphering spoken Arabic nuances. It thrives in challenging scenarios, such as inconsistent pronunciation, ambient acoustics, non-native speakers, technical jargon, and variable.

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